Nature tells us the principle to transform hard water into soft “sense of well being” water. Zeolite is a porous rock that interchange the minerals in water, whereby water is softened in a natural manner. It is possible nowadays, to transform the effect most economically by high-quality resin. In the ion exchange process, the sodium ions present in the resin material replace calcium and magnesium ions being the reason for hardness in water. The scale incurred is discharged by regeneration with salt solution and separated into drain. Hygiene operation of softener is performed at the same time.

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Strong Facts for Soft Water

  • Low energy input
  • Reduction of scale deposits in kitchen and bathroom
  • Protection of expensive fittings
  • Extended lifetime of household appliances
  • Reduced use of cleaning agents
  • Better well-being thanks to soft clothes and linen
  • Soft care in bath and shower