HYDROION® Water softening unit

Type: VAD-IP
Max. flow: 1,5 – 5 m³/h

Duplex softener for cold drinking water


HYDROION®Water softening unit

Type: VAD-IP

Unit for softening / partial softening of cold drinking water

  • Systems operates by the method of ion exchange
  • Design according to DIN EN 19636-100 and DIN 14743
  • Designed as compact duplex water softener with electronic control valve
  • Suited for installation sites with a constant demand of soft water
  • The integrated valve switches between operation, regeneration and standby
  • Quantity-controlled regeneration with reduced salt volume
  • Disinfection with germ protection during the regeneration process
  • Initiation of forced regeneration in case of small water removal and for the purpose of system hygiene



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